Imperfectnosotrosconjugation ofacostar.


Sabes, nuestra relación era mucho mejor cuando nos acostábamos.
You know, our relationship was way better when we were sleeping together.
Resulta que los dos nos acostábamos con la misma.
Turns out we were both sleeping with the same one.
No conocíamos a la gente con la que nos acostábamos.
We don't really know the people we sleep with.
-Sí, nos acostábamos, pero no somos pareja.
Yes, we slept together. But we were not a couple.
Mi mujer y yo rara vez nos acostábamos al mismo tiempo.
My wife and I hardly ever went to bed at the same time.
Cuando eras pequeña y nos acostábamos y veíamos telenovelas juntas.
When you were little and we used to snuggle And watch soap operas together.
Salíamos a menudo de noche, nos acostábamos tarde.
We went out at night and went to bed late.
Nos acostábamos y lo hacía bien.
We went to bed and did it well.
Le dije que no nos acostábamos.
I told him we're not sleeping together.
De acuerdo, sí, nos acostábamos.
Uh, all right, yes, we were sleeping together.
Le dije que tú y yo hacía tiempo que no nos acostábamos.
I told her you and I had stopped sleeping together long ago.
¿Quiere saber cuándo nos acostábamos?
You want to know when and where?
Paul y yo nos acostábamos.
Paul and I were sleeping together.
Antes nos acostábamos hasta las 11:00, a veces a las 12:00.
In the old days, we used to sit up until 11, sometimes 12.
No nos acostábamos juntas.
We weren't sleeping together.
Bueno, nos acostábamos más que nada.
Well, made out, mostly.
No nos acostábamos nunca.
We weren't sleeping at all.
Nos acostábamos temprano y aprendí a desplazarme en la oscuridad jugando con mis hermanos y primos.
We went early to bed, and I learnt to walk in the dark, playing with my brothers and cousins.
Nos acostábamos sin las buenas noches y nos levantábamos sin los buenos días.
We went to bed without saying "Good night" and got up without saying "Good morning."
¿Me estás diciendo que mientras nos acostábamos tú y los chicos estabais haciendo decisiones sobre mi vida?
You mean to tell me while we were sleeping together, you and the fellas were making decisions on my life?
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