"Ed" is a form of "ed", an abbreviation which is often translated as "educ.". "Usually" is an adverb which is often translated as "por lo general". Learn more about the difference between "usually" and "ed" below.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (customarily)
a. por lo general
Usually, the professor does not accept assignments after the due date.Por lo general, el profesor no acepta tareas después de la fecha de entrega.
b. usualmente
What time do you usually leave for work?¿A qué hora usualmente sales para el trabajo?
c. generalmente
The food at that restaurant is usually pretty good.La comida en ese restaurante generalmente es bastante buena.
d. normalmente
We usually meet at three o'clock but today we're meeting a little later.Normalmente nos encontramos a las tres, pero hoy vamos a encontrarnos un poco más tarde.
2. (commonly)
a. generalmente
That dog has four legs! - They usually do.¡Ese perro tiene cuatro patas! - Generalmente es así.
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An abbreviation is the shortened form of a word or group of words (e.g. "UFO" = "unidentified flying object"; "p." = "page").
1. (education)
a. educ.
Bruce decided to major in phys ed.Bruce decidió especializarse en educ. física.
2. (edition)
a. ed.
This passage wasn't included in the text until the 3rd ed.Este pasaje no estaba incluido en el texto hasta la 3a. ed.
3. (editor)
a. ed.
This story was written by Harriet Burns (ed).Esta historia fue escrita por Harriet Burns (ed.).
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