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"Botones" is a noun which is often translated as "bellboy", and "mozo" is a noun which is often translated as "young boy". Learn more about the difference between "botones" and "mozo" below.
el botones, la botones(
This means that the noun can be masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of person it refers to (e.g. el doctor, la doctora).
1. (hotel staff)
a. bellboy (masculine)
El botones ha olvidado una de mis maletas en la recepción.The bellboy forgot one of my suitcases at reception.
b. bellhop
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
¿Crees que hace falta darle propina al botones?Do you think I need to give the bellhop a tip?
2. (office staff)
a. office boy (masculine)
Empezó de botones en la empresa.He started as an office boy in the company.
b. office girl (feminine)
La botones ha recogido todos los contratos firmados.The office girl has collected all the signed contracts.
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el mozo, la moza(
This means that the noun can be masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of person it refers to (e.g. el doctor, la doctora).
A word or phrase that is seldom used in contemporary language and is recognized as being from another decade, (e.g. cat, groovy).
(young person)
a. young boy (masculine)
Los mozos del pueblo se reunieron en la plaza para jugar un partido de fútbol.The young boys of the village gathered in the square to play a game of soccer.
b. young girl (feminine)
En las fiestas, me envalentoné y le pedí un baile a una moza que me gustaba.At the festival, I plucked up the courage to ask a young girl I liked to dance.
2. (server)
Regionalism used in Colombia
(Southern Cone)
a. waiter (masculine)
Te recomiendo ese restaurante; la comida es buena y los mozos muy agradables.I highly recommend that restaurant. The food is good and the waiters are very pleasant.
b. waitress (feminine)
La moza nos tomó nota de las bebidas, pero no de la comida.The waitress took our drink orders, but not our food orders.
3. (military)
Regionalism used in Spain
a. conscript
No todos los mozos del reemplazo eran declarados aptos para el servicio militar.Not all draft conscripts were declared suitable for military service.
A masculine noun is used with masculine articles and adjectives (e.g. el hombre guapo, el sol amarillo).
4. (baggage carrier)
a. porter
Una vez en la estación, le pedí a un mozo que me llevara el equipaje a un taxi.When I arrived at the station, I asked a porter to take my luggage to a cab.
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
5. (not aged)
a. young
Yo en mis años mozos no me hubiera perdido una fiesta por nada en el mundo.I wouldn't have missed a party for anything in the world in my youth.
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