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"Ecuador" is a noun which is often translated as "equator", and "quito" is a phrase which is often translated as "I remove". Learn more about the difference between "ecuador" and "quito" below.
A masculine noun is used with masculine articles and adjectives (e.g. el hombre guapo, el sol amarillo).
1. (geography)
a. equator
Estoy harto de la nieve, así que me voy a mudar al ecuador.I am sick of the snow, so I'm going to move to the equator.
2. (mid-point)
a. halfway point
Estamos en el ecuador del partido y los Vikingos van ganando.We're at the halfway point in the game, and the Vikings are in the lead.
A proper noun refers to the name of a person, place, or thing.
proper noun
3. (country)
a. Ecuador
En Ecuador la fruta es buena y barata.Fruit in Ecuador is good and cheap.
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A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time).
1. (I eliminate)
a. I remove
Quito las manchas con este producto de limpieza.I remove the stains with this cleaning product.
2. (I grab)
a. I take away
Le quito los cigarrillos para que deje de fumar.I take away her cigarettes so she would stop smoking.
b. I take
Si quito esta pila, el reloj dejará de funcionar.If I take this battery, the watch will stop working.
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