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"Del que" is a phrase which is often translated as "from which", and "que" is a conjunction which is often translated as "that". Learn more about the difference between "del que" and "que" below.
del que
A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time).
1. (masculine) (singular) (used to talk about origin or cause)
a. from which
El pirata abrió un cofre del que sacó un puñado de monedas de oro.The pirate opened a chest from which he produced a handful of golden coins.
b. of which
El mal del que murió era desconocido en aquel entonces.The illness of which he died was unknown back then.
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
El árbol consiste en un tronco grueso del que salen multitud de delgadas ramas.The tree consists of a thick trunk out of which come numerous thin branches.
El pueblo del que soy está en las montañas y es muy pequeño.The village I come from is in the mountains and it's very small.
2. (masculine) (singular) (used to talk about possession, material, content)
a. of which
Ha llegado el momento de que me demuestres ese amor del que siempre hablas, ¿o son solo palabras vacías?It's time for you to show me that love of which you're always speaking, or is it just empty words?
b. of whom
Mi hermano, del que no he sabido nada en años, está enfadado conmigo por la herencia de mis padres.My brother, of whom I haven't heard for years, is angry with me because of my parents' inheritance.
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
Cuando yo era muy pequeño, mis abuelos tenían un perro del que todavía me acuerdo.I still remember a dog my grandparents used to have when I was very little.
El material del que está hecha la mochila es muy resistente.The material the backpack is made of is very strong.
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A conjunction is a word that connects words, phrases, clauses, or sentences (e.g. The cat and the dog slept.).
1. (used to introduce a subordinate clause)
a. that
Tenga en cuenta que algunas de estas características son diferentes.Note that some of these characteristics are different.
A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
2. (used to define the subject)
a. who (person)
El hombre que le salvó la vida a mi bebé está aquí.The man who saved my baby's life is here.
b. which (thing)
El libro que más ha influido en mí es este.The book which has had the greatest influence on me is this one.
c. that (thing)
El pastel que me encanta es el de chocolate.The cake that I love is chocolate cake.
3. (used to define the object)
a. who (person)
Vi a la mujer que trabaja en el spa.I saw the woman who works in the spa.
b. which (thing)
¡Enséñame el vestido que llevaste en la fiesta!Show me the dress which you wore to the party!
c. that (thing)
Ese es el teléfono que yo quiero.That's the phone that I want.
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