Stop the madness / Pare la locura.

Stop the madness / Pare la locura.


This entry is all my own personal opinion

I believe that too often, entries in the forum are misused.
When an entry about 'mushrooms? becomes a place where 'shoes? are discussed, this is an error. In this case, a Post or Thread has been appropriated for unintended uses. This abuse causes a build-up of replies that are not pertinent to the question or entry that was first made. The accumulation of unnecessary information causes other users (me) to become frustrated.

In other cases, an entry in a Thread may be correct but some other member feels that even a correct entry needs to be corrected. This leads to frustration for the person who created the thread. They got a correct reply and now the correct reply is being corrected. Ay, Caramba! Who is right? What is right?

The back and forth of personal conversation between 2 people sometimes shows up in someone else's Posting. Such interpersonal conversations are better left to the private message feature of SpanisDict.com.
When replying to a Thread, consider several factors for your reply. For example:
- Is it pertinent to the question or request of the author of the Post?
- Is it about the Thread or is it about information you need?
- Do you need a new thread of your own?
- Is it really necessary?
- There is a difference between 'need to know? and 'nice to know'.
- Is it a personal exchange between you and someone else?
- Does it apply to the subject of the Post not an earlier reply or responder?
- Would a Private Message be a better choice?

OK! That is my Rant for today.

Esta entrada es toda mi propia opinión personal

**Creo que demasiado a menudo, las entradas en el foro son empleadas mal.
Cuando una entrada sobre setas se hace un lugar donde los zapatos son hablados, esto es un error. En este caso, un Poste o un Hilo han sido usurpados para empleos no planeados. Este abuso causa una acumulación de las respuestas que no son pertinentes a la pregunta o la entrada que primero fue hecha. La acumulación innecesaria de información sin relaciones hace que otros usuarios (a mi)se hagan frustrados

En otros casos, una entrada en un Hilo puede ser correcta pero algún otro miembro siente que aún una entrada correcta tiene que ser corregida. Esto conduce a la frustración para la persona que creó el hilo. Ellos consiguieron una respuesta correcta y ahora la respuesta correcta está siendo corregida. ¡Ay, Caramba! ¿Quién tiene razón? ¿Qué tiene razón?

El hacia adelante y hacia atrás de conversación personal entre 2 personas a veces muestra encima de en alguien el Poste del otro. Tales conversaciones interpersonales mejor son dejadas al rasgo de mensaje privado de SpanisDict.com.

Cuando usted responda a una Hilo, considere varios factores para sus respuestas. Por ejemplo:
- ¿Es pertinente a la pregunta o la petición del autor del Poste?
- ¿Es ello sobre el Hilo o es ello sobre la información que usted necesita?
- ¿Necesita usted un nuevo hilo de su propio?
- ¿Es realmente necesario?
- ¿Hay una diferencia entre "la necesidad de saber" " y "agradable para saber".
- ¿Esto es un cambio personal entre usted y alguien más?
- ¿Se aplica esto al sujeto del Poste o una respuesta más temprana o el autor de una respuesta más temprano?
- ¿Sería un Mensaje Privado una mejor opción?

¡Vale! Es mi Discurso enfático para hoy.**

updated ABR 14, 2011
posted by Moe

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hola Moe, muchas gracias por este post tan informativo. Tienes razón en muchas cosas que dices, sin embargo, en este foro no queremos ser tan rígidos como en otros foros y permitimos que la gente se "desvíe" un poco del tema de vez en cuando.
un poco de "licencia poética" no viene mal y hace de este foro un foro de más libre expresión.

updated AGO 10, 2009
posted by 00494d19


I agree with you about the fact that entries in this forum are misused. I don't know if sometimes or often. I had a look of the thread 'Me doy' here:


I wonder, why a simple question like that needed so many replies? (almost one hundred!). It's really crazy. Please look at this:


They needed just five replies to found an answer.

Anyway, I have tried free services like Livemocha and other whose names I don't remember, and to tell you the truth, I think SpanishDict is unique, especially because of this forum.

It would be convenient that the 'rules page' were more visible, if needed, just at the moment of signing up, and the policies should be more detailed or clear, for instance, if the banning of URLs is discretionary of the owners of this site. I didn't know about the 'rules page' but some days after I signed in for the first time.

About the spam, it would be nice if the owners of this site manage to enable a feature to moderate the first post. I'm familiar with Google Group and there, a simple feature like that blocks practically all the spam.

And about all of you dear friends, it called my attention that most of you only write in English. You can't improve much your Spanish if you don't practice Spanish enough. What I've learned is that at the beginning you only need to know a basic grammar and then it's a matter of practice and keep trying. Even, you can learn or reinforce your grammar practicing, in a context, in the process.

According to my experience, it's definitively better to belong to a group so active like this one instead of belonging to a group full of silent members.

By the way, I found the 'private messages' intimidating unless you know the other person well enough. I hope this helps.

updated ABR 14, 2011
posted by Pablo_

"Discurso enfático" doesn't work here. What about this? wink

1. f. Discurso o escrito violento e injurioso contra alguien o algo.
Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

1. m. Madero, piedra o columna colocada verticalmente para servir de apoyo o de señal.
Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

If what you are trying to say is that you don't want any corrections from me and others, just say it, and you won't get corrected any more.

updated AGO 10, 2009
posted by lazarus1907
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