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I have purchased a Franiklin dictionary for $19.95. Works ok, but very simple.

Is there a more complete guide for me'

updated NOV 23, 2010
posted by Bill-Everett

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Hola! I have the perfect dictionary, which I use EVERYDAY as I am learning Spanish. It is the computer CD version of the GIGANTIC Oxford Spanish Dictionary. The book probably weighs 10 pounds! The CD has everything the book has and more. You install the program and you instantly have a great reference. It translates both ways, English to Spanish, Spanish to English. You can easily get the pronunciation of a word by simply right-clicking on it. It gives definitions and example sentences. It has part of the program called "Real Speak" where you can type in a sentence or paragraph, and a very pleasing female voice recites your words so that you can hear the proper pronunciation. I could not learn this language without it!!!!! It is the Oxford Spanish Dictionary on CD-ROM. ISBN: 978-0-19-860683-3. And best of all, the book version is about $55.00; the CD version is $31.17 at Bn.com if you are a member, or $34.64 if you are not a member. Buy this one. You will be very pleased.

updated NOV 23, 2010
edited by Rolest
posted by Rolest

Get an Iphone and use safari to look up spanishdict.com and use it.

updated DIC 28, 2009
posted by icanrideawave
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