Pt 2, Conversation

Pt 2, Conversation


I think I posted this in the wrong forum so I'm puting it here as well.

Thanks to all those who helped me with the last exerpt. Again I don't know how to add all of the embellishments when typing (n's for example) so forgive some of the spelling errors.

A- Mi barrio ideal es en las montanas. Un lago grande es abajo la ciudad, y hay muchos pescados. Te gusta salir a pescar?

K- No, creo pesca está muy abburido. Prefiero navegar. Mi abuelo ha sido el marinero, me ha ensenado navegar. (My grandfather was a seaman, he taught me how to sail)

A- Muy interesante!, no he conocido este. Has estado alguna vez excursiones de vela?

K- Sí, he estado muchas veces. He visto todas las isles del Pacifico. Como se llama el lago en esta ciudad ideal?

A- El lago se llama, 'Lago de la Crysal'.

K- (I would like her to ask, 'As in the horror movie'? but am not sure how an indiginous speaker would put this.) Hay isles en el lago?

A- Sí, hay un isla pequena, se llama, 'La Isla de los Gatos', porque hay muchos gatos.

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I haven't posted a discussion since we changed hosts, but you used to be able to move your topic from one category to another and then erase the copy in the incorrect category..

If no one has responded to your thread when you realize that you need to move it, just copy it to the correct category and then edit the copy (in the incorrect category) to say that you moved it (if the server no longer allows you to delete your copy.)

If someone has already responded to your copy in the incorrect category just ask an administrator to move it and they have "powers" that we mere mortals don't possess.

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