Martin Rizzi - Guerrero Mexico

Martin Rizzi - Guerrero Mexico


I am Martin Rizzi from Guerrero Mexico.
I live and work in modern rural society
with cottage industry handcraft artisans.
We make videos featuring campesino culture.

Here is one of our videos translated to Spanish
with kind assistance of volunteers at SpanishDict

For many years we have been working on an experimental novel
about a Mexican village girl who falls in love with a bull rider.

We appreciate any help with correcting, revising, and/or improving
either the Spanish or the English versions of this story which is written
in the form of a sort of epic poetic screen treatment - here is a Trailer
that depicts a few scenes of this work - it was one of our earliest videos

I am willing to give help about popular usages in modern rural Mexico etc.
or questions related to the Spanish language, I will HELP you with your
school homework, however I do not want to do your homework for you

When I have time I sometimes post scenes from "Azucena"
in the SpanishDict forum section titled "Proofreading"

If you can give us some useful help, you will get our sincere gratitude, credit,
and we are even willing to pay you with the jewelry we make in our village
if your assistance is particularly useful and/or valuable

ok here is what the jewlery we make in our cottage industry looks like


Well that tells you a little about who I am and what I am doing here

I love language, I have read a good deal of the great literature,
I am a student of history, especially ancient Greek history
I am willing to give back or even give in advance
but what I am seeking and have found in this marvelous forum
is help especially in correct Spanish language usage, spelling, and grammar.

Our experiental novels were born in language-learning experiments
with campesina women over many years http://artcamp.com.mx/azucenanovela/


This is a work-in-progress revolutionary new way
to learn Spanish or English languages.
It is a CDROM study course that is extraordinarily effective
in training the student in both 'see-say' and 'read-write' modules.
We are very open to collaborators in this project as well. However,
once again, my main reason for being here is that I hope to get some help
with the refinement and correction of the epic poetic screen treatment Azucena

In closing I wish to congratulate the persons who are putting on SpanishDict
I have not found out yet why they are doing this, but this site has already
been of great value in our work - and I very much do appreciate it. Thank you!

Best wishes from Tecalpulco, municpality of Taxco, Guerrero, México

updated ENE 31, 2010
posted by Martin-Rizzi

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Hola Martin: Personas como tú son las que hacen este foro lo que es: un lugar amable en el que todo el mundo ayuda sin pedir nada a cambio.

Un saludo de España smile

updated ENE 31, 2010
posted by 00494d19

Any person who has assisted in the correction and improvement of this text

is welcome to let me know that he or she would like to receive editorial credit

when Azucena is published. Best wishes from Tecalpulco, Guerrero, México.

updated ENE 31, 2010
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posted by Martin-Rizzi
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