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Hola a todos, my name is wali and im interested in learning Spanish. you see i have been wanting to learn spanish for quite a while and its kinda hard to focus solely on learning a new language when you're working 24/7. i was wondering if maybe a female would be interested in tutoring me....Also i have a question: i have a spanish dictionary and because the font size in the dictionary is so small i have chosen to copy it into a small 5-subject notebook and whenever i get that chance i glance at a word. do you think this is a wise decision'

updated ABR 10, 2012
posted by Wali

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Hi Wali,

I have the same problem to learn better english, i have to be hosnet that all my life i been looking new words to learn, but i still have many mistakes. Its a beginning .Everything is good tos upport and improve your spanish. I have a english dictionary as well, but I really recommnend you to read documentos and books in spanish; internet is good option too.

I am native spanish speaker, cuenta conmigo if you have any question or if you need any help.

saludos desde mi linda Costa Rica.

updated ABR 10, 2012
posted by dane3

I would work on learning verbs and conjugations of verbs first...vocabulary is great but useless if you can't use action. Like just because you know "plate" is "plato" doesn't help much, you have to know how to say "pone diez platos sobre la mesa" (put 10 plates on the table). See the difference'

updated DIC 3, 2009
posted by Ashlita
"pon" is the imperative form diablita ;) - AntMexico, DIC 3, 2009

Saludos igualmente. Yo tambien soy de Costa Rica.

Una aclaracioncita para que la uses la proxima vez: en ingles se dice "hago/cometo errores" I still MAKE many mistakes.

Andas bastante bien en el idioma.

updated MAR 18, 2008
posted by Sonia
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