Please help with translation..

Please help with translation..


My 4th grade daughter has a classmate that recently passed away and at the wake the family gave her a picture with the following words. Can someone please help translate for her'? Thank you.. Charles

No lloren por mi que estoy libre
estoy sigiendo el camino que dios me
eli jio tome su mano cuando el me llamo
y lo deje todo. no pude quedar me otro
dia mas para reir para compartir y para amar?

cosas que deje pendientes asi quedaran
en con trave lq paz enun instante.
Ami partida deje un basio llenen lo con
Recuerdos de mis alegrias una sonrisa.
Un veso?
Si y esas cosas yo tambien extranare no
Se preocupen por mi que yo estoy bien
mi vida fue completa asalvo talves mi
tiempo fue breve ahora por favor alargen
con tristesa dios me quiso en este
momento y me dio la libertad'.

Di jo Jesús:
Yo soy la resurcion de la vida el que
Cree en mi hubiera muerto vivira

Recuerdos de padres y hermanos
Y mis familiares y amigos'.
agradeco la oraciones de todos

Andy Perez Cortes

12/18/1998 - 05-09-09

updated MAY 14, 2009
posted by charles-Hearl

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Thank you so very much.. God Bless.

updated MAY 14, 2009
posted by charles-Hearl

I am very sorry about your loss. The translation is pretty close but not exact.

Don't cry for me, I am free
I am following the path God has chosen for me
I held on to His hand when He called me
and I left everything behind.
I couldn't stay another day to share the love, the smiles and the laughs.
The things that I left pending, that's the way they will remain.
I found Peace in an instant.
At my departure I left an empty glass,
Fill it up with a kiss, your memories and joy.

I will also miss those things,
but don't worry about me, I am well.
My life was full, but my time was brief.
God wanted me at this moment,
and so He gave me freedom.
Jesus said:
I am the resurrection,
He who relieves in me, Life will find.
Remembering my parents, brothers, family and friends.
I am very thankful for your prayers.

updated MAY 14, 2009
posted by 00b83c38
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