Want to know how to ask "Do you like...'"


My son has asked me how you would say "Do you like...'' in Spanish and I am confused by all the variants of "like". Thanks!

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The word you want is "gustar", it means "to please". So you would say "te gusta'" for "do you like? It literally means "does it please you". So "me gusta" means "I like" or "it pleases me."
If you were speaking to a person you call "usted" you would say "le gusta'" (Shop assistants might address customers like this)

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Gustar is the verb that you are looking for.
To say I like you would use either:
Me gusta
Me gustan
The verb ending is determined by the number of things that are liked.

1 thing use -a [singular]
I like the dress.
Me gusta el vestido.

More than 1 thing use -an [plural]
I like the flowers.
Me gustan los flores.

When talking about activities that you like, always use gusta no matter how many activities there are.
Me gusta cantar. I like to sing.
Me gusta cantar y bailar. I like to sing and dance.

To say "Do you like....?
It would be ¿Te gusta(an).....?

What do you mean about the variants of like?
Do you mean Don't do it like that. ?
No lo hagas asi.
What is she like?
¿ Cómo es ella?

For more information abou gustar, see this.

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