translate: Human Rights Impact Assesment

translate: Human Rights Impact Assesment


Hablo espanol, pero no escribo muy bien. Repuestas en espanol esta bien para me! Pero es tan duro para escribir en esta idioma para me.

I need to translate the term: "Human Rights Impact Assessment Process". I can literally do it, but does anyone know the correct way to say it in spanish? I'm translating a document so I might be posting a few questions of this type here in the next few hours.

Also, Law School...is "escula de Dercho" correct? or "Deartemento de Derecho"?

Is it maybe : Procceso de Evaluación de impacto de Derehos Humanos ? I'm not so good with the little connecty words in spanish.

Muchos gracias a todos!

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posted by Morgan

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"Proceso de Evaluacion ( with accent in o) del impacto de( no en ) los Derechos Humanos "
Law School to me means "Escuela de Derecho " or " facultad de Derecho " Just in case it is about the place where they teach you how to be an attorney.( classes there )
Yes for sure you do write a very good spanish
keep improving : )
and have a nice day !

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posted by ninozka

A quick, probably innacurate answer: "Proceso de Evaluación del Impacto en los Derechos Humanos"

You really have to know the context to choose the right propositions.

I'm not so good with the little connecty words in spanish.

That is because English does away with a lot of propositions by writing the sentences "backwards". I've always been amused by that, it makes English very ambiguous.

To figure out the "connecty" stuff, try writing the sentence in the same order as in Spanish, then translate the propositions. Example:

"Resource Management Compliance System"

Rewrite as:

"System for Complying with the Management of Resources"

Then to Spanish:

"Sistema para Cumplimiento con la Administración de Recursos"

Probably a bad example but you get the idea.

"Law school" also depends on context. It is one of Escuela/Facultad/Universidad/Departamento de Derecho.

updated ABR 16, 2009
posted by 00719c95
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