Paralee, your teacher and her lessons:)

Paralee, your teacher and her lessons:)


Hi everybody, I have had notice that some of you were looking for Paralee, the teacher of the lessons we supply for free.

This is her page, she can be found making a search on the member list smile


In case you find any bugs or problems with her lessons, please post this here!!

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This link does not work. - --Mariana--, SEP 1, 2009
It should work now, Marianne. Give it a try. - Paralee, SEP 1, 2009

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Please PM me any time with any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you just want to talk! I am online about 10 hours a day Monday-Friday, so I should be able to get back to you pretty quickly. You can also reach me directly, directly at paralee@spanishdict.com and on Facebook. I'd love to hear from you guys any time.

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I Love You paralee!!!!!!!

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You bumped this question just to say that? - TheSilentHero, ENE 31, 2010

I love your lessons and I am learning a lot. I learned more from you in your Learn Spanish 1 lessons than I did in an entire year of high school Spanish 1! We never covered gerunds, preterite, present progressives, etc in the entire year. So now I am making up for what I never learned. I know I still have a lot to learn - just see my translation below!

Me gusta tu las leccións y estoy aprendiendo mucho. Aprendí mas de usted en tu Aprendar Español leccións que uno año de el colegio español. Nunca estudiamos gerunds, preterite, el presente progressive, etc durante el año.

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That link for Paralee doesn't work. That makes me sad.

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It should work now, Jay. Give it a try. - Paralee, OCT 9, 2009

Hi Paralee,

Nice to see you, to see you nice.

I was thinking,every good book has an index and I wondered if Spanishdict could have one too. I was trying to remember which tense was being used when estar is used followed by a gerund (present progressive) it took a while in the reference section hence my improvement idea - a really good index with all the tenses and 'formulae? like el/la (mejor) que.

Good to see you're back.


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posted by Mark-Baker
Mark, I know what you mean. The index for the rerference section got a little lost in the upgrade. You can find it here: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100000/spanish-language-reference - Paralee, SEP 1, 2009
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