Green - in the environmental sense

Green - in the environmental sense


I am writing a presentation for university about an imaginary organisation which is trying to save the forests in Colombia. I am trying to say that the organisation is organising a "Green Festival" - i.e. a day in a town where everyone walks instead of using the car, where there are concerts (with no plastic cups!), and generally a day to raise awareness of the need to save these forests.
What should I call this festival? "Fiesto verde"...doesn't sound right, does it?
Or does anyone have any more creative ideas, as in "Save the Forest Festival" or something, that sounds good when translated into Spanish?

Many thanks in advance.

updated OCT 27, 2008
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I am coming our of retirement as a land developer of major projects. My last two projects were the East Highlands Ranch in San Bernardino, CA and the TriCity Corporate Center in the city of San Bernardino, CA.

I have been approached by a major land owner to develop his 100,000 acres in South/East California near the Arizona State line. My interest is to develop the property in a an ecologically responsible manner with everything being "green." The development standards and building materials must represent the most ecologically friendly materials, products and methods. There will be a windfarm, a solar generating plant, a zero landfill waste treatment plant, etc, etc. The project will feature a Research and Developmet Campus/Park that will sponsor the top evironmentally responsible scientists in the nation--maybe the World. The industrial, commercial and residential development components will incorporate every known "green" adaptations presently known, and as new technologies emerge from the R&D Park, that are ready for commercialization, they will be used on this project, which brings me to the purpose for this long explaination. I need a Spanish name for the project, like Rancho Palos Verdes or Rancho Verde or... I want to use Rancho or Mesa with the word Verde but me Espanol vocabulario es mucho limitado. Mesa Verde and Rancho Verde is over used and there is a city in CA by the name of Rancho Palos Verdes. The name of the project must tell the story, be easy for Gringos to pronounce and is phonetically easy to say. The development will eventually become an incorporated city, so I can not use a name that would be in conflict with an existing city, particularly in California.

Thank you,

Douglas Golding
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verdor (m)
n. greenery, green foliage or vegetation; place where plants are reared or kept

Maybe Festival del Verdor

Save the forest would be : Conservar el Bosque.

Environment is ambiente.

Maybe Festival para la conservación medioambiental

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