i am making final review of subtitles for Iguala Jaripeo a 63 minute documentary Iguala Guerrero
Mexican Flag Day State Fair Bullriding Jaripeo Lucio Moreno and his Banda Dominguera, etcetera

i have translatted thousands of lines in the past year mostly song verses transcribed from the audio
and from transcriptions of the rodeo announcers. Each 60 minute video has an average of 700 lines.
(the rodeo announcers never stop talking unless the band is spinning one of their wild crazy ballads)

here is a word i am sure i should know - i think it must mean something like "panoply" or colorful
in the sense of a crowd being colorful. I have a history of making bad guesses with meanings i am
not exactly sure of, so if some mexican spanish veteran recognizes this word please let me have it.

announcer: we are going to see the nailed looks there in the box

announcer: we are going to wish him luck, to that kid over there

announcer: it is the Chamuco of Cocoyotla

announcer: he is going to do the honors, the tremendous colorillo

updated SEP 23, 2009
posted by Martin-Rizzi

1 Answer


Panoply: 1. An impressive and magnificent display or array of something. 2. Ceremonial dress with all the necessary accessories. 3. A covering that protects something. 4. A full suit of armor and equipment for a warrior.

updated SEP 23, 2009
posted by 00b83c38
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