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Problema con me computadora en la parte vocal.


Cuando trato usar me computadora para la parte de la lecion vocal, me puntadora no functional y no puedo usarlo.

When I try to go to the section in the lesson using my voice, my pointer siezes up and won't function. I'm using Vista home and the microphone works in Skype.

Algunos ideas'

updated FEB 8, 2009
posted by J-R-Stewart

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It seems to be a problem with the server here or specifically the program that tries to capture your microphone settings. The last Speak portion of a lesson that I tried, I had to return to the lesson 4 times before it finally accepted my microphone. As in your case, my microphone was working in other applications.

You can search for previous discussions on this topc as it has been reported previously. The problem seems to be browser independent. SOMETIMES, closing the lesson solves the problem, sometimes exiting SpanishDict.com then returning, sometimes closing your browser and reopening it, sometimes restarting your computer, but what all these tried workarounds have in common is the involve the capture program reloading. I think the best suggestion I have read so far is just to try it at a later time as the server just seems to need the correct resources available or be in a certain condition to accept your settings.

The freezing of your pointer is something new. That would suggest a resource problem like grabbing an incorrect address, IRQ setting, etc. when it tries to capture your mike settings.

updated FEB 8, 2009
posted by 0074b507
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