Encantar o Gustar? Love it or Like it? Flashcard Set


I just put together a series of flashcards, titled as above. It's related to one of Heidita's flashcard sets called, Use of "to like"/"gustar" y su uso, which helped me a lot.

Gustar and encantar are used the same ways, sentence structurewise. And you wouldn't believe how long I worked on those cards so I hope somebody besides me likes em.

Sorry, the link is not available any more

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Link doesn't work, MJ

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HI ana,,have a look at this set

I am sorry, MJ might have deleted that set, sorry, you can also try this one on gustar and it's uses.

Use of gustar with examples

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Hey, I tried your link, but it didn't work. Can you send it again? Thanks, Ana

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