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In Loíza a town in the northeast in Puerto Rico, are held carnaval celebrations in observance to the week-long festival of Santiago Apóstol, beginning July 25th. In these lively carnaval traditions townspeople dress as one the four historic characters: The Caballero (Spanish-Knight), the Vejigante (Evil), el Viejo (men dressed with raggedy or torn clothing) and La Loca (men dressed as crazy ladies who sweep the streets and balconies asking for money.


En Loíza un pueblo al noreste de Puerto Rico se observar las celebraciones de carnaval en honor de Santiago Apóstol. Se empieza 25 de Julio. Estos vivaces carnaval tradiciones la gente del vecendario se visten como uno del cuartro personajes histórico: El Caballero (español-caballero), El Vejigante (mal), El Viejo ( los hombres se vistido con las ropas desgarrón), and La Loca ( los hombres se vistido como las mujeres locas quien lipiar las calles y los balcónes pidiendo dinero.

I was reading about this festival on a few websites and in a magazine excerpt and thought it was pretty interesting. I had written more but just want to see how I did so far. Can some please give corrections. Thank you.

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se observan
se empiezan
uno de los cuatro
se '? vestido
ropas desgarrones
pedir o rogar?

a couple other things don't look correct, but I'm not sure of carnaval being singular describing tradiciones, el caballero español
(carnaval in your English description should be carnival)
What became of '

updated ENE 18, 2009
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