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Hey, new member looking to improve spanish


hey guys, I'm mainly here to learn more about the spanish culture as well as more about the language. I'm an intermediate speaker (at best probably) and am enrolled in a SPN3 class at my school. I'm 16, and really want to try to get this language down before I loose the gift that younger people have (learning a new language).
My main question at the moment is: "What is the best way to learn Spanish in the least aggravating way'" Should i watch Spanish Sops? Listen to music? All of the above? haha my main problem is not being able to make out what native speakers say. any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Gracias y Buenos Noches.

updated ENE 13, 2009
posted by zach3

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First tip. Before posting a question such as this, search previous posts. As you may well imagine, this question is asked and answered over and over again.
They're thinking of creating or restructuring a FAQ section here and are currently soliciting suggestions for FAQ to post. I suggest that you submit your question to be added to the FAQ section.
Enter in the Search Forum box and you'll get previous discussions such as this one:

updated ENE 13, 2009
posted by 0074b507
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