Find Your Own Way

Find Your Own Way


Learning can be tough and I have put a post on my own page that may help others in the process of learning


would love to write this in Spanish as well as English but a glitch in my computer means I can't get the keyboard sorted. (it did once and then a problem happened and I can't reinstate it)

What is 'I did it my way about'?

Well t's about finding your own way through the learning process. This is my thoughts on my own process so far, in my 2-3 months learning Spanish so far. They include tips and help that others may find useful.

Learning is a very individual thing and I am not suggesting my way is the way for all.

Know why you want to learn and construct your learning around that. Learning common courtesies of good morning, how are you, I feel rough today etc is essential, but don't go off trying to build up a vocabulary of nouns, such as every item in the house or object in the street. I found that knowing a limited number of nouns and the use of 'it' with an insatiable desire to know what I did, do or will do with 'it' was more fun. Then find out how, when and where you will do with 'it'.

They say we only use 500 - 600 words in our everyday vocabulary. Make a note of them regularly to find out what yours are. You can't second guess what everyone elses vocabulary is, so you know what they are saying when they speak to you but make sure you know what you want to say to them.

When you are more comfortable with the uses of verbs build up your vocabulary lists depending on your own interests. Mine is football and I have an extensive list of terms and nouns that I am learning at the moment.
Also spend more time with one word and learn all the idiomatic uses and contextual meanings of that one word. For instance look at 'far' in the dictionary. That should occupy you for a couple of weeks, no?

This comes back to know why you want to learn spanish.
I am learning because I met a lot of football supporters in Madrid that I became friends with and need to talk on common issues when I see them next.
I don't think that they are too interested knowing that I have three bedrooms and live in the country overlooking hills, although as time goes on I will be able to convey that and learn more about them. But my priority sport.

Don't go adding or requesting friends willy nilly. Be selective and find people who share common interests.
I am in the thinking of starting forum groups for particular interests. Footbal/travel/sport/films/politics/books etc so that people can be sure they are entering an environment that is weighted in vocabulary that is common to them.

Don't get into chat rooms too early.
Yeah it's good to find other people in the same boat as yourself, but what I find is no matter how you try to express in Spanish, the speed of chat goes too quickly for your own thought processes to keep up with and I generally find myself chatting in English. They are good for finding common links to form your friend base.

I will leave it at that, for the moment and welcome your own views .
I do have other interests aside from sport btw. and will still try to build competence in other peoples interests, but that has to be my priority until March.

updated ENE 8, 2009
posted by harry

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Its a great Idea Harry ! Gracias ! I guess my retarded learning of the language might just get a little better with your Idea ( "Build up your vocabulary lists depending on your own interests" ) .......I came here just because I liked may be one or two Ricky Martin numbers, yeah the Real Madrid, the salsa, the guitar, and the movie Goal, and I was just interested speak the language, but I guess when I started learning it became way too difficult for my intelligence to grab, like I was lost in a Sea of words, rules and grammer and didn't know where to go !

I think this approach towards learning the language, will not only make it all the more easier but bring out your individuality while speaking the language !

Thanks again !

However I hope the little groups that you spoke about, don't end up creating little Gangs though...haha !

updated ENE 8, 2009
posted by Subhadeep

Please do not miss this thread. WE migth even include this in FAQ, as we get many questions answered by harry.

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posted by 00494d19
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