Could someone please let me know the various definitions of cucu?
¿podría álguien decirme los varios definiciones de cucu?
Thank you

updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by Erik-Robles

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Here's the song on u-tube, cute


and the words

"Cucú" is the sound of a frog. This song describes what a little frog sees from a pond. Additional verses may be added at any time to describe what is happening in the room in which the children are singing.



Cucú, cucú cantaba la rana

Cucú, cucú sang the frog

Cucú, cucú debajo del agua,

Cucú, cucú under the water

Cucú, cucú pasó un caballero

Cucú, cucú a man walked by

Cucú, cucú con capa y sombrero

Cucú, cucú with coat and hat

Cucú, cucú paso una señora

Cucú, cucú a woman walked by

Cucú, cucú con traje de cola,

Cucú, cucú with a long dress

Cucú, cucú pasó un marinero,

Cucú, cucú a sailor walked by

Cucú, cucú vendiendo romero,

Cucú, cucú selling rosemary

Cucú, cucú le pidió un ramito,

Cucú, cucú the little frog asks for a sprig

Cucú, cucú no le quiso dar,

Cucú, cucú but he doesn't give her any

Cucú, cucú y se echó a llorar.

Cucú, cucú so she starts to cry.

The site I got it from, lots of cute children's songs in Spanish

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Infantile song (Cu cú cantaba La Rana)
Cú cú cantaba la rana.
Cú cú debajo del agua.

Cú cú paso un caballero.
Cú cú con capa y sombrero.

Cú cú paso una señora.
Cú cú con traje de cola.

Cú cú paso un marinero.
Cú cú vendiendo romero.

Cú cú le pidio un ramito.
Cú cú no le quiso dar.
Cú cú y se echo a llorar

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the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named ie cuckoo, sizzle, quack

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Cucú (Voz onomatopéyica)- canto del cuclillo/cuco
(onomatopoeical voice), song of the cuckoo
-also mean buttock (cucú, culo, trasero)

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peekaboo, cuckoo

updated MAR 15, 2008
posted by Cherry
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