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"tener que" expressions in past tenses


Would it be correct spanish to translate "had to", "used to have to" and "have had to" expressions using "tener que" and conjugating tener in the preterit,past imperfect and present perfect tenses respectively or is it more complicated than that? Thanks in advance for your answer(s).

updated DIC 26, 2009
posted by loctite297

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Roughly, it will work, but maybe not all the time. You need to give us a sentence, because tenses are not equivalent in Spanish and in English. Unlike what most people believe, you can use both imperfect and preterite to express habitual actions, and we also have the auxiliary "soler", which doesn't exist in English.

updated DIC 26, 2009
posted by lazarus1907
Good answer, could you please show some "soler" examples? - SlowFoxtrot, DIC 26, 2009
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