Can someone help me understand what "enredame" means in the context of this song (by Fonseca)? Below are a portion of the lyrics, thanks!!

Y enrédame de amor mi vida
y hazme un nudo ciego
y entrégame tus pesadillas
que yo te doy mis sueños
Y enrédame de amor mi vida
dejemos tanto enredo
y enrédame en tus besos
que yo a tu lado entodo me enredo.

Y enrédame algo entre los huesos
pa no olvidarte ni un segundo si estoy lejos
la telaraña de tus recuerdos se fue tejiendo poco a poco con tus besos

updated NOV 12, 2008
posted by Loretta

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Since Spanish isn't my native language, I'm just guessing, but it could come from the noun "red" meaning "net". I would translate it as "envelop" or "surround me with love ..." although the literal meaning is probably more like "enmesh" or "entrap" as in trapped or tangled in a net. Later the poet uses "telaraña", which is a cobweb. Nets seem to be the theme. Vide "The Tender Trap".

updated NOV 12, 2008
posted by Guillermo-Gris

I think it would be something like entangle me or ensnare me.

enredar [en-ray-dar']
article & verb transitive
1. To entangle, to ensnare, to hamper, to lime, to knot.
2. To confound, to perplex, to involve in difficulties, to puzzle (asunto).
3. To catch in the net (animal etc.) 4.
4. To sow discord.
5. To fumble, to play childishly.
6. To coil.

updated NOV 12, 2008
posted by The-Steve