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¿Como se hace respuesta? Me falta destreza con el ordenador. "Papacito". . .term of endearment . . .sweet talk . . .tentative translation: darling daddykins'''

updated OCT 29, 2008
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Papá or padre (of a family not a church)
cito is just to give the words papá or padre more affection.This cito it's a diminutive
like Pedro would be Pedrito,Thomas would be Thomasito, Blanca would be Blanquita, You see,what, I mean. car woul be carro or carrito, airplane or avion would be avioncito

Situacions where ppapacito is used:
a father to a son, a mother to a son, an aunt to her nephew.

The word is also used between lovers, papacito, mamacita.

Men in some countries of South America or Puerto Ricans and Dominicans (persons born in the republic of Santo Domingo) used the word papacito with their male friends but not in formal situacions

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Don't go overboard.

How about:

or if you want a stranger definitions:


Just read your other post about how she uses the term when seeking affection. Putting that with the above definition she may be calling you "stud". Wipe that grin off your face.

I have a question for you. While looking for papasito online I saw lots a references to pappasito. Could that be "pappy"'

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