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does any1 know how to type a upside down question mark ? and !. would really be grateful if some1 could help me out!!!!!!!! muchas gracias.

updated DIC 14, 2014
posted by lisita

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One of our members, Vikingo, created his own small computer programme for making all the Spanish accented letters, inverted question marks (¿), and inverted exclamation marks (¡) and other characters.

Here is what Vikingo had to say about his programme:

Run this ... . Vikingo's "Spanish.exe" You'll have your characters available within 10 seconds from clicking the link. It doesn't require any slideshows or instructional videos, though there is a help screen that pops up when the program starts. Type your Spanish letters by using the windows key + the letter in question (like win+e for é, or win+q for ¿), or press ctrl+space for a menu where you can choose all kinds of international characters. So ctrl+space and then x will give you ¡.

Here is the "Windows" key Vikingo refers to. On a windows keyboard, it is located to the left (and sometimes also to the right) of the spacebar. It is the key between " Ctrl" and "Alt".

alt text

I have used it for almost a full year. It is simple and easy and I've added it to my startup list so it is seamlessly in place every time I re-stert my comouter. Pay attention to the opening prompt which asks if you want to use the shortcut keys. Read over the very brief instructions and perhaps make a note of them for your first couple of times you use them. After that it is a real "piece of cake".


We also have a reference page that offers other alternatives. Follow this link ----> Typing Spanish Letters

updated MAR 24, 2016
posted by Moe
I just recently installed this program and, so far, it works great for me! - danrivera, ABR 15, 2010
I'm going to install it now. :D - galsally, ABR 16, 2010
¡Yup it works! Gracias :) - galsally, ABR 16, 2010
I love it!! - Yeser007, JUL 29, 2010

another way is to hold ALT and type 168. release the alt and presto! ¿

á 160
é 130
í 161
ó 162
ú 163
ñ 164
¿ 168
¡ 173
ñ 164
ÿ 165

hope that helps

updated JUL 7, 2011
posted by SteveO
:( that doesn't work for me - AKgal, ABR 15, 2010
You have to have a number key pad in order to use the Alt commands... most laptop users cannot use this function. - danrivera, ABR 15, 2010
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I had to change the link, Billy. That one didn't work. - sanlee, DIC 14, 2014

Follow this link
Typing In Spanish

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That link doesn't work for me Eddy. - galsally, ABR 15, 2010

muchas gracias..

SteveO said:

another way is to hold ALT and type 168. release the alt and presto! ¿á 160é 130í 161ó 162ú 163ñ 164¿ 168¡ 173ñ 164ÿ 165hope that helps


updated ABR 15, 2010
posted by lisita

This doesn't help with the punctuation, but with the vowels. These are the instructions for enabling an international keyboard. I got here because of one of the earlier posts.


ísñ't it áwésómé!

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posted by andres2011

You should look at (in Windows): Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map. This opens techniques to type all special symbols in virtually any language and virtually any font you wish to use. Regards. DonL.

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Seems you need to be using a pc that has a separate Numpad to use the codes.

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posted by galsally
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