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Which one is correct ? estoy apurado


voy apurado o apurado voy which phrase is correct?

My choice is voy apurado ? I would say this with out thinking
But apurado voy is also correct although it sounds extrange to me

Context? OK, this guy was driving too close to my car 'tailgating if you please. I was doing 10 miles over the speed limit I guess this guy wanted me to go faster.

When, I stopped for a traffic light (sémafaro) the driver moved over to the next lane, so I rolled down my widow and asked him why he was going so fast.

His answer was apurado voy. Because, of the way he speaks, I think he might be from Peru or Bolivia.

updated OCT 24, 2008
posted by 00769608

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In Spain:

Voy apurado (de tiempo).

updated OCT 24, 2008
posted by lazarus1907
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