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Chives and Spring Onion


Hi all,

My partner loves cooking with chives and spring onion, but not at the same time since they have different tastes. In the supermarket in Spain we can only find 'ceboleta liofilizada' which we think is Spring Onion, and she bought some seeds to plant 'cebollino annual' which we think are chives.

Can anyone confirm this for us? Unfortunately we are only beginning to learn Spanish so subtle distinctions like these elude us,

Gracias y hasta l'heugo

updated FEB 1, 2008
posted by Carl-Galloway

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Hey, this may not be true for Spain, but in south america ive heard "cebolla china" (chinese onion) being used for both chives and spring onion.

I've just looked both up on wordreference and it seems that "cebolleta" and "cebollino" are also interchangeable for chives and spring onion! -

[url=http://www.wordreference.com/es/translation.asp'tranword=spring%20onion]Spring Onion[/url]

I think your best bet would just be to work it out by trial and error!

updated FEB 1, 2008
posted by Candygirl
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