(The underlined ones are the ones I think are the answers. I just need to have this rechecked)

  1. Yo ___|\___|\___|_ para el cumpleanos de papa.
    a. compre un regalo
    b. compraste un regalo
    c. compro un regalo
    d. compraron un regalo

  2. A que hora llegaste esta manana? ___|\___|__a las oche.
    a. Llegue
    b. Llegamos
    c. Llego
    d. Llego (w/ the accent over the o)

  3. Anoche la tienda ___|\___|_ a las diez, no a las once.
    a. cerro
    b. cierro
    c. cerramos
    d. cierra

  4. Puedes sacar libros de la biblioteca? Si, puedo ___|\___| porque tengo tarjeta de biblioteca.
    a. las sacar
    b. a sacarlos
    c. sacarlos
    d. sacar

  5. Van a dar las noticas a las doce en el canal dos. Vamos ___|\___|__.
    a. a verlas
    b. ver
    c. a ver
    d. las ver

  6. A luisa y a Mario ___|\___|_ las peliculas de cienca ficcion.
    a. las fascinaron
    b. me fascinan
    c. te fascinaron
    d. nos fascina

  7. Has probado los churros? A mi me gustan mucho. Si, los ___|__. A mi me encantan.
    a. pruebo
    b. probo
    c. he probado
    d. has probado

  8. Que bebieron Uds.? " Yo ___|\___|__ jugo de naranja, y mi madre ___|__ te helado.
    a. bebieron/bebio
    b. bebio/bebimos
    c. bebi/bebisteis
    d. bebi/bebio

  9. Se poco de estos platos espanoles en el menu. Voy a pedir ___|\___|_.
    a. la especialidad de la casa
    b. el plato principal
    c. a la carta
    d. por la carne de res

  10. Ese camarero siempre me sirve ___|__
    a. una vez
    b. en seguida
    c. muchas veces
    d. algunas veces

  11. van a pedir Uds. los burritos? Si, los ___|\___|_ ahora.
    a. pedis
    b. pido
    c. pedimos
    d. pide

  12. Que nos sirves? ___|\___|__ algo bueno.
    a. Nos sirve
    b. Le sirven
    c. Les servimos
    d. Les sirvo

updated OCT 11, 2008
posted by Mariyah

2 Answers

  1. I am buying a gift for my father's birthday.
  2. When did you arrive this morning? I arrived at 8:00 a.m. (correct answer not shown)
  3. Last night the store closed at 10:00, not at 11:00. (correct answer not shown as typed-check accents).
  4. What did you drink? I drank orange juice and my mother (she) drank ice tea.
  5. Are you going to order the burritos? Yes, we are ordering them now.
  6. What are you serving us? Or Can you (Please) serve us? depending on whether the Que has an accent or not. As you improperly omit a lot of the accents we can't know. I am serving you something good. (delicious).

1 is not correct as the previous reply states. If you wanted to say I bought my father a birthday present the verb would be compré (un regalo). That is unless you just didn't type the accent mark as you did in may of the questions. THEY CANNOT BE OMMITTED.

As you see in 1, 2, 3 the accent marks as well as the ¿ punctuation marks are important. Please learn to include them.

Oh, in case, I confused you with my translation, the present tense can be translated like the present progressive if you are not emphasizing that that action of the verb is currently taking place. (at this moment).

updated OCT 11, 2008
posted by 0074b507

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, are correct

2, 3, 8, 11, 12 are not correct

updated OCT 11, 2008
posted by pasabolita
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