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The small prepositions..


i think they're still called prepositions - anyway, i'm having trouble grasping which are used where, they seem all over the place when i read spanish text, and i can;t grasp what should be used where. I mean the words like de, por, en, a .

Is there a link to a site that will give me the 'rules' (such as they may be) for these little words?

I know in general de means of, a means to, por means for, en means on, but obviously they're used in a variety of ways and this is where it puzzles me in conversation !


updated DIC 7, 2010
posted by elguapo

2 Answers


A= at, to, or is used before direct objects that are people (known as personal "a"- not translated into English)
De= of, from, or about
En= in or on
Con= with
Sin= without
Por and para have a lot of different uses. See this link for a good explanation:

updated MAY 25, 2010
posted by Cherry
Thanks, I was getting confused with prepositions too. - srija326, MAY 25, 2010

join the club. i have the same problems so i will be watching your replies with interest.

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