Emoticons and Smilies

Emoticons and Smilies


Generally I hate complex Smilies. Do we have any to attach to a message? Few simple and common ones would be nice, but not so many that we would have to use a "Smily Dictionary" to understand the meaning.

Just a thought...

updated FEB 5, 2012
posted by Zoltán
Are you referring to our PM's when you say messages? - 0074b507, AGO 31, 2009
My Hungarian showed again. - I should have said sentence instead of message. - Zoltán, AGO 31, 2009

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Zoltán, you can add smileys easily to PMs knowing the code:

this is a smiling face : ) (no spaces and you get this) smile

This is winking ; - ) (no spaces and you get this) : wink

I only know a few, but anyway.

updated FEB 5, 2012
posted by 00494d19
Thanks for this quick tip, Heidita. - mtmonadnock, FEB 5, 2012

Please, we can't get people to capitalize letters, use any punctuation. spell anything correctly, use a modicum of grammar, provide any context or post in the correct category in a question and you want them be distracted by to playing with emoticons.

updated AGO 31, 2009
posted by 0074b507
"to be distracted by playing". You would never have made this mistake if you weren´t so angry, hehe - Eddy, AGO 31, 2009
jejeje, quentin, eddy is right....jeje - 00494d19, AGO 31, 2009

Ooo, like in some forums where an emoticon is attatched to the subject line of the post? That would be fun!

There do seem to be some that you can insert into the post, but that is all I have found so far....

Sorry if I wasn't any help, I'm still rather new to this site!

Have a great day!

updated AGO 31, 2009
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posted by Alizabel
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