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Está bien que usted me preguntó si tengo


Translate spanish text to english..thank you

Está bien que usted me preguntó si tengo un novio o a marido o pretendiente. Tengo ninguno en mi vida. Fui suficiente valiente para preguntar cuando hablé con usted en el hotel. Acepto su complemento, cuando usted dice que soy una hermosa mujer. Yo mismo yo diré, usted es un hombre muy agradable y guapo, que también tiene a Dios en el corazón. ¡El hecho que usted no tiene a una amiga ni sorpresas no casadas mí!!

updated JUL 24, 2008
posted by Debbie

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Hi Debbie,

Here goes my attempt...

"It is fine/okay that you have asked me whether I have a boyfriend or husband or suitor. I have none (of the aforementioned) in my life. It was a rather brave thing to ask when I spoke with you in the hotel. I accept your (formal) compliment, when you say that I am a beautiful woman. I (for myself) have said the same (thing), you are a very nice/pleasant and handsome man, that also has God in his hart. The fact that you don't have a girlfriend [surprises nor married me].

I've put the last part between square brackets because this part can't really be translated since it is not grammatically correct. I think that the writer means to say she is surprised that the man is not married. Or maybe she means to say "the fact that you have no girlfriend doesn't mean you have to surprise (in a more negative sense) and marry me".

Hope this helps!

Saludos, ChicaSabrosa

updated JUL 24, 2008
posted by chicasabrosa
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