question about a process flow for a call center

question about a process flow for a call center


I'm looking at a process flow chart for a call center and was confused on some of the steps.

the first step is: "seleccionar las convocatorias compatibles"
the next step is: "esperar hasta apertura convocatoria"
next: "convocateria abierta"
next is a decision node: "es compatible y no esta en el plan de actuacion'"
Here the direct translation of compatible is compatible but in English we don't refer to a phone call as being comptible. Does anyone know what this could mean'

updated OCT 25, 2009
posted by spazeinvader
What is the original language for the process flow chart? - Carlos-F, OCT 1, 2009

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Could be "suitable calls" or "appropriate calls", as in suitable to or appropriate for the decision that needs to be made in the flow chart.

updated DIC 31, 2009
posted by chaparrito
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