espero que sige aprendiendo..

espero que sige aprendiendo..


would anyone be able to translate this to english for me: thank you

espero que sige aprendiendo espanol y yo ewsper segiu aprendiendo englis aunguq uste tiene la posibilda decompra programa para aprender otro idioma pera aca en Cuba es dicil la gente que tiene espor que se le han enviado amistades y asi es mucho mas facilde aprender espero un dia escribir por mi mismo una carta en englis para usted.


updated JUL 20, 2008
posted by Debbie

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Ok, I will help you with this one:

;I hope you continue studying Spanish and I hope to learn English even though you have the possibility to buy Spanish programmes to learn another language but here in Cuba that's very difficult.
People have what friends have sent them and then it is much easier to learn.
I hope one day I will be able to write a letter in English to you all by myself

updated JUL 21, 2008
posted by 00494d19
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