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what this means...le aseguro que le hubiese encantado y a mi me hubera encantado que usted me acompanara me sectaria la invitacion.......
and this one.....pera aca en Cuba es dicil la gente que tiene espor que se la han enviado amistades y asi es mucho mas facilde aprender espero un dia escribir por me mismo una carta englis para usted

thanks Debbie

updated JUL 9, 2008
posted by Debbie

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Me parece que se quiso decir "es por":
La gente que tiene es por que se lo han enviado amistades

updated JUL 9, 2008
posted by Priscy

Hi Debbie,
This text is not correctly written so it's not strange that you got confused. Also, Cuban spanish has some words that are colloquial and hard to translate. I'll be able to loosely translate but I'm sure there will be native speakers who will correct any mistakes I might make.

Le aseguro que le hubiese encantado y mi me hubiera encantado que usted me acompañara. Me aceptaría la invitacion=
I assure you (formal) that you would have been delighted and it would have delighted me if you would have accompanied me. Please accept my invitation

Me sectaria sounds strange, this might be a spellingmisstake, aceptaría fits the context but I'm not sure this is the verb that is intended

Pero acá en Cuba es difícil. La gente que tiene espor que se lo han enviado amistades. Y así es mucho mas fácil de aprender. Espero un dia escribir por mi mismo una carta ingles para usted.

But here in Cuba it is difficult. The people that have (or: that you have) espor (this could be a colloquial form of "esperanza") that they have sent them their friends/friendships. And that way it is much easier to learn. I hope one day to write an english letter for you by/for myself.

I hope this makes any sense to you.... and that other, native speakers will comment on my translation because I'm certain they will have some remarks!

Saludos, ChicaSabrosa

updated JUL 9, 2008
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