Need Help translating my poem to Spanish!

Need Help translating my poem to Spanish!


Hey There,

I need help translating my poem into Spanish. I would like to give it to my girlfriend for Valentines day. But don't know how to speak or write in Spanish. So if there is any help out there would be appreciated.

"There is something in her that attracts me as I gaze into her eyes,
A smile that moves the clouds in me and brings summer skies,
Her Kindness and generosity to others moves me in ways I can not understand,
Two hearts finding each other was never planned,
Our fairy tale has just begun, a new chapter as we say good bye to our former lives,
A bright future, delicate hearts, renewed faith, innocence reborn once more,
As each day passes feelings grow, everything feels so right in her arms, sweet snuggles, holding hands...
First kiss, sweet bliss,
Ardent caresses never felt so right..."

Hope someone can help me out with this.

Thanks for reading,



updated FEB 4, 2008
posted by Milpool

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My friend, translating poetry is a very difficult task that could take days to do properly.
So with apologies for the rushed job, here is my translation.

Su gentileza y generosidad me mueve de manera que no puedo explicar
Dos corazones encontrándose no estaba planeado
Nuestra historia de hadas comienza un nuevo capítulo al decir adiós a nuestras vidas pasadas
Un futuro brillante, corazones delicados, fé renaciente, inocencia vuelta a nacer
Los sentimientos crecen cada día, todo se siente tan bien en sus brazos, tiernos mimos, manos juntas.
Primer beso, beatitud dulce
Caricias ardientes nunca se sintieron tan perfectas?

Happy Valentine's day!
(Which is not a Spanish holiday!... grin

updated FEB 4, 2008
posted by RicardoN
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