conseguir consguir''?


me gustaria que por favor investigues que tipo de clientes tieen sin hablar de mi empresa, para intentar hacer una propuesta que sea interesante para conseguir trabajar con elllos.

(Is he asking me to find out what type of clients this company has, without mentioning his company's name and to come up with an interesting proposal to work with us) The word conseguir''? what is that? I think there are some typos in this maybe.

Por favor intenta consguir un vuelo de Madrid a Canada con una compañia economica para agosto 0 septiembre

(Is he telling me that he is going to Canada for business in August or September, or that he may be') There's that word again consguir (but spelled different) what is it'

updated JUN 24, 2008
posted by Gina

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You have the first one pretty much.

"I would like for you to please find out what type of clients they have, without mentioning my company, so that we can make an interesting proposal in order to get work with them."

Conseguir = to get, obtain

"Please try to get a flight from Madrid to Canada with a low-priced airline by August or September."

Conseguir is just misspelled there.

updated JUN 24, 2008
posted by 00bacfba