Simple spanish words.


I work with a few Spanish guys and i'd like to learn some of the simple Spanish words. i know how to say your welcome and hi. . . thats about it. haha but i'd like to know how to say thank you or excuse me or my name is. or whats your name. just the simple things. and maybe like, how are you and goodbye.

updated JUN 19, 2008
posted by Briana

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"Como te llamas" or "Como se llama usted? is "What's your name'" and "Me llamo..." or "Me nombre es..." means "My name is...". "Que tal" means "How are you'" Finally, "goodbye", is "Adios".

updated JUN 20, 2008
posted by LuxuryLion

gracia- slang for thank you
perdoname- excuse me
me nombre es- my name is
que tu nombre'- whats your name
que hace? or que tu hace'- whats up'/ what are you doing?
que paso'- what happened?
tu tiene'/que tu tiene'- what do you have?
como esta'- how are you?
adios- goodbye

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What is your name': ¿Cómo te llamas?
My name is ___|\___|_: Me llamo ___|\___|\___| or Mi nombre es \___|\___|_
Good morning!: ¡Buenos diás!
Until tomorrow!: ¡Hasta mañana!
Thank you: ¡Gracias!
To interrupt: Perdón
To get through: Con permiso
I'm sorry: Lo siento

Hope these will come in handy...just some general stuff!

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