Pillow Sham and Pillow Case


Thanks to Heidita and Sally for previous help! This is a question for someone who understands bedding. Need for work project.
In the Spanish language, is there a difference between:
Pillow sham - a sham matches the comforter or duvet on the bed.
Pillowcase = a pillowcase matches the sheets.
If so, how do you translate pillowcase and pillow sham'

updated JUN 10, 2008
posted by karin-maki

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Here in Spain we have the "funda de almohada" which matches the sheets, actually the sheets come always together with the pillow cases.
Oh, I have had a look at the pictures.

Pillow sham: [url=http://www.walkersdraperies.com/Flanged%20Pillow%20Sham.JPG]http://www.walkersdraperies.com/Flanged%20Pillow%20Sham.JPG[/url]

funda de cojín

pillow case: http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pillowcase_header.jpg

funda de almohada.

I had not heard the word sham, there you are, we have both learnt something today!!

updated JUN 10, 2008
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pillowcase = funda
I looked for pillow sham & it appears to be the same thing
funda de almohada

updated JUN 10, 2008
posted by motley