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My friend has a dog named "cun de amor" (phonetic pronunciation). I am not sure of the spelling of the first word. De amor means :of love". I need help in determining the proper spelling and meaning of the phrase she uses as the name of the dog.

updated DIC 16, 2009
posted by Bob-Doshier

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'Cundeamor (cun de amor)' is the Spanish name for the fruit of a wild vine called 'Balsam Apple' in English. It's a small, spiny-looking fruit, like a mini horned melon. When it ripens, it bursts open and reveals its blood-red seeds. Birds go nuts for these, so if you've got parrots or parakeets in the house, do them a favor and bring them a couple.

Bitter melons, probably more well-known than balsam apples, are called 'cundeamor chino' (Chinese Balsam Apple). Bitter melons and balsam apples are in the same plant family, with the bitter melons being usually quite a bit larger and, well, bitter.

updated DIC 16, 2009
posted by Gravekeeper
Fascinating stuff, Thanks. Welcome to the Forum, too. I'll be looking for more of your plant knowledge. - 0057ed01, DIC 16, 2009

The name might be "Conde Amor" Conde is a title of nobility such as earl or count.

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posted by Cherry
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