Is there a better way to say this?


The word of the day today is el-la auxiliar de vuelo and I posted the following....Heidi says that it is not correct but that she does not know a better way to say it and suggested that I post it to the forum because we all could learn from it.

Celebre Guerrero Ninja Americano Grant McCartney recientemente salió su trabajo como auxiliar de vuelo para perseguir adiestrar de Ninja a tiempo completo.

Accomplished American Ninja Warrior Grant Mc Cartney recently left his job as a flight attendant in Hawaii to pursue his Ninja training full-time.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

updated Aug 7, 2017
posted by Echoline
tricky, good for you to post this here :)
Echo, I think that this may have to be one for the natives because Heidi may not like the ones offered by English/Spanish dictionaries such as Word I would have also used el/la auxiliar de vuelo, because.I think that azafata is outdated!
oh wow, you already have gekko here

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In my opinion, the first problem, so to speak, is the word "auxiliar de vuelo", which may or many not feel natural depending on where you are. But I reckon there's nothing we can do about it, since it is THE word of the day, like it or not.

Another problem is that "American Ninja Warrior" is a TV show brand, therefore it must be used as such. This is ok if you know that it is the name of a show, but otherwise it is far more awkward that the simple "(guerrero) ninja" I'd be inclined to use if we were talking about the traditional Japanese spies.

So, if I'm forced to use those expressions, my way of saying what you wrote would be:

"Grant Mc Cartney, el célebre Guerrero Ninja Americano, recientemente renunció a su trabajo como auxiliar de vuelo en Hawaii para dedicarse por completo a su entrenamiento ninja".

updated Aug 7, 2017
posted by Gekkosan
wow, si te digo la verdad, yo ni sabía lo que quería decir, evidentemente no conozco ni la serie
Wow, bud, that sounds S O much better than the mess that I came up with! Thank you so much!
Echo, yours was quite a hard one for an intermediate student of Spanish to learn!
Thank you, Feliz. I try to go a bit over my own head so that I can learn.

Echo, I would have also used el/la auxiliar de vuelo, because.I think that azafata is outdated!

Over here we use azafata all the time, exclusively, the only time we do use auxiliar de vuelo is when there is a male flight attendant.

And , feliz, I use WR all the time , too.

Please feel free to offer an option, it is always a good way to learn.

updated Aug 6, 2017
posted by 006595c6
Okay, I stand corrected Thank you! I often do offer an option which is often correct, but when it is not correct I try to learn from my mistakes!
It's all good, Feliz. :)

. I try to go a bit over my own head so that I can learn. - Echoline

Way to go, echo, feel free to post any doubt on the forum smile

updated Aug 7, 2017
posted by 006595c6

Long time ago we heard mostly exclusively "azafata",

Later we began to hear also "auxiliar de vuelo" or also "asistente de vuelo" and in foreign newspapers sometimes also "aeromoza". What I don't really know is if the abovementioned do exactly the same work.

updated Aug 7, 2017
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