Anyone interested in working in Spain?

Anyone interested in working in Spain?


Hola todos!

I worked in Spain last year (on an EU-funded internship) and am very keen to go back!
It was one of the best experiences of my love and I really miss the Spanish way of life now that I'm back in England!

I was wondering if anyone has advice on getting work in Spain (that isn't TEFL) or was also looking for work out there so maybe we could share advice?


updated SEP 14, 2011
posted by samantha7
well, tough thing to do right now as the crisis is there. i know some people who have just come back from there and they say that there are practically no work posts there :( - bomberapolaca, SEP 26, 2009

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Check the BBC language site. There are several discussions on this subject there. Also, I saw another post in which a family is looking for an au pair....Search "au pair" in "Answers" and you may see the post.

updated SEP 14, 2011
posted by Janice
plz tell me site address - sr73, SEP 14, 2011
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