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I have this pinback button from the 1960s that I am selling on ebay. It reads as above with the central words Liberate Cuba. Not having been born yet, and not having a strong enough grasp of Spanish I am not sure about the meaning of this button. In my ignorance I just assumed that anyone interested in this button would actually know more about its meaning and significance. I imagine that the word phrases have much more meaning than a simple dictionary could provide. I think it means Better dead....than slave. Because I do not have the exact date of the button I assumed it was an anti-Castro button, but from the responses I have received and having given it more thought, perhaps it is an anti-Batista button. The fact that the central words are in English AND are more of a 3rd person; as in let us do this to that, rather than let us do this [ourselves]. I am at a loss. If anyone has knowledge of this era or has an opinion I would be grateful. Thank you, kathleen

updated MAY 24, 2008
posted by kathleen3

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Welcome to the forum, kathleen.

I found this for you. Interestng discussion:

updated MAY 25, 2008
posted by 00494d19
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