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Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level1 - 50% Off


Never mind.

I'm not sure if posting the link violates the advertising rule. You can PM me if you want the link or maybe a moderator can tell me if I can post it or not.

Sorry. :(

updated OCT 9, 2014
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posted by rodneyp
Rodneye, which course is it please? Is it the Rosetta Stone course? If it is, I'm not interesed - FELIZ77, OCT 8, 2014
It isn't Feliz - I think it was developed by the US military - I have it - I think :) - ian-hill, OCT 8, 2014
Yes I do - I had to search for it on my diskdrives :) - ian-hill, OCT 8, 2014
So what's the total cost of this course with 50% off , please Rodneye? - FELIZ77, OCT 8, 2014

1 Answer


Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1

Here's the link, hopefully I won't get slapped on the wrist for this.


updated OCT 9, 2014
posted by rodneyp
Jejeje...no, I know why you are posting it. Thanks. :) - rac1, OCT 9, 2014
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