La Palabra Del Dia: "atravesar"


atravesar ( ah-trah-veh-sahr' )

verb ( to cross; to go through )

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There are many native English speakers here, most of us can offer great suggestions to the English sentences. I will do my best to go through them all, too. Use today's Word of the Day in your own Spanish sentence (and include the English translation as well). Try to use the word in a completely new way and vote on the sentences you like best. The winner will be chosen based upon the correct use of the word as well as the number of votes.


Write sentences at least 5 words long, but don't write a paragraph either. Write your Spanish sentence, but include the English translation as well. Make the corrections suggested by other users and moderators in the comments section (try not to use personal pronouns unless absolutely necessary). Use your own words! (Don't use a translator, copy from a book, use song lyrics, etc.) Please keep political, religious or personal statements to a minimum. This is a practice game.

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1. Siempre debes mirar en ambas direcciones antes de atravesar la carretera.

You should always look both ways before crossing the street.

2. Elena está atravesando un muy buen momento: se acaba de casar y le dieron una promoción en el trabajo.

Elena is going through a purple patch: she just got married and they gave her a promotion at work.

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posted by rac1
what is a "purple patch" ??
Hi Jimmy , it is a run of good luck , probably derived from when the wearing of purple was only allowed by Royalty and Popes and Cardinals , mainly because the colour purple was extremely expensive to produce.
Hola mi amor. ¿Que tal?
ohh nice .. I have a lot of purple T-Shirts .. but never had any luck ever .. haha
Hola princesa xx
Hola a mis amigos. :)
I need to get me one of those purple shirts! Gracias guapa :-)!!!
De nada guapo. Get me one too. lol

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Una flecha de amor atravesó mi corazón cuando me hizo un guiño.

Cupid's Arrow went through my heart when she winked at me .. haha

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posted by 00b055e0
Wow Jimmy if a wink can do that ,what does a smile do ?
A smile would make a cupid's bullet pass right through .. haha
Wow indeed! jeje
..... cuando me hizo - amigo :)
Be wary of that sneaky Cupid!
hehe .. yes my friend.
@Ian .. yes Amigo, Sorry for the typo error .. I will correct it ,, "cuando"
Maybe 'me atravesó el corazon' :)

Moisés descubrió una manera única de atravesar un mar. Se considera la representación de esto suceso en la película “Los diez mandamientos” como uno de los efectos especiales más impresionantes de su época.

Moses found a unique way of crossing a sea. The representation of this event in the movie “The Ten Commandments” is considered to be one of the most impressive special effects of its time.

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posted by bosquederoble
It was spectacular!

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Todo el mundo tiene que atravesar momentos difíciles, por eso es bueno de estar preparado.

Everybody has to cross difficult moments, that's why it is good to be prepared.

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"it is good to be prepared " Good post mate.
Nice one, Porcu. :)
Thanks Ray and Rac
Those moments are the test of one's character.
"estar preparado" Porcu :)
Gracias Pablo

Se nos atravesó un elefante.

An elephant blocked our path.

Se me atravesó una espina.

I got a bone stuck in my throat.

Se me ha atravesado su novia.

I can’t stand his girlfriend.

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posted by ian-hill
Thanks Ian. :)♥
De nada princesa xx
Hola Sir ian :-)!
Hola JR :)

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Trato de no atravesar la fina línea entre el humor y el buen gusto.

I try not to cross the fine line between humor and good taste.

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I don't think you ever have, at least not here, amigo. :)
Annie! We be livin' on the edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeje you got that right, JR.

Necesito atravesar áreas muy peligrosas en mi camino a la tienda.

I need to go through very dangerous areas on my way to the store.

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áreas peligrosas ... o más bien se dice lugares peligrosos
Must be a tax free sale :-)!!!
I see your roads are in poor condition too. jeje

Tengo que atravesar muchas obstáculos para rescatar mi princesa.

I have to go through many obstacles to rescue my princess.

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posted by nahian003
buena suerte rescatándola
Hi amigo. Good to see you. :)
Gracias amiga. :)
Choose your princess wisely amigo :-)!
I am Shrek and my princess is Fiona .. have to save her from the Dragon

Aunque en el año pasado la compañía atravesó por una crisis económica, ahora es una de las compañías más exitosas en su región.

Although the company went through the economic crisis last year, it's now one of the most successful companies in the region.

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What kind of company is it?
Si amiga .. yo soy una accionista en esa compañia
In English, we would normally not use "the" in front of company, although it is not necessarily incorrect, and we would say "now it is.."- we are quite attached to our subject pronouns. :)
@Bosquederobl.. I am not sure about hlw is it said in US but here and other countries I think it is perfectly normal to say "The Company" .. and rather it would sound incomplete if I just
Although company went through (dorsn't sound quite alright without the "the")
doesn't .. ** typo error
With a company name, I would not normally use "the"- if it were without the "x" I would definitely use " the" or otherwise it sounds wrong. "Company x went through" or "the company went through" both sound fine to me.
yep .. I didn't notice there was a name hehe .. well .. even so .. in my opinion it depends on the context .. if I wish to be emphatic with respect to fhe company's name I would still use the .. like The company coca cola is one of the top most brands
in soft drinks ... but there may be a regional difference which perhaps I am not aware of .. hehe .. this is how we speak here though .. there may be some differences :)
That's why I said it is not necessarily wrong, and I can only consistently correct to American English, even though I know British English has differences. :)
hmm .. I understand Sir,, nice discussion though .. take care ,, good night
"Although the company went through the economic crises last year, it's now one of the most successful in the region." That's how I would say it, Ella. :)

I've had all I can take of oil companies and their predatory business practices.

Se me ha atravesado compañías petroleras y sus prácticas comerciales predatorias.

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posted by AnnRon
The definition of greed!
Great illustration of it, too.

Vamos a ponernos románticos aqui ...

Su mirada atravesó la mia. Por poco atraviesa mi sentir y mis pensamientos, pero creo que lo hizo con suma perfección. Como quisiera atravesar los tuyos, así como le hizo a los mios.

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Hola Salvador...Bienvenido a SpanishDict. Por favor, añada la traducción en Inglés. Gracias.
Very nice By the way. jejejeje
Welcome to SD amigo :)
Will do rac1 :)
Lol Gracias guapo.
Gracias amigo.

Hay algunas personas malas y peligrosas que no se quiere atravesar.

There are some bad and dangerous people who you don't want to cross.

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very true

They blew up the bridge so that the enemy couldn't cross the river.

Volaron el puente para que el enemigo no podía atrevesar el río.

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Picture not showing on my end. Sorry amiga.
It's the Nijmegen bridge, 1944.

¿Cómo te atreves a mirarme así?

How dare you look me like that?

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posted by jphip
What did you do this time, amigo?
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