La Palabra Del Dia: "naturaleza"


naturaleza ( nah-too-rah-lehs'-ah )

noun ( nature; character )

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1. Lucía prefiere vivir en la ciudad, pero a Miguel le encanta estar en la naturaleza.

Lucía prefers to live in the city, but Miguel loves to be amongst nature.

2. Ajay es una persona muy generosa por naturaleza.

Ajay is a very generous person by nature.

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updated Jul 17, 2014
posted by rac1
Hola querida. Gracias :-)!!!
Hola guapo, de nada :)
Mi palabra favorita :)
¿En serio amiga?

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Estos cuadros de naturaleza muerta son muy famosos con los girasoles hermosos.

These still-life pictures are very famous with the beautiful sunflowers.

updated Jul 16, 2014
edited by porcupine7
posted by porcupine7
Very pretty. :)
los girasoles
Thanks Jimmy
welcome porcu
My favorite flower! :)

Es lo mejor que no se molestan con la madre naturaleza.

It's best that you don't mess with mother nature.

enter image description here

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posted by Noetol
Jeje! That does not look natural to me :-)!!!
I rarely use butter, but when I do it's the real thing. :)
Dear Annie, what we get in the market aint real .. it is processed butter ... I have had real home made white butter and that is the real thing ..
I know, my grandmother makes it. :)
hmm .. grand moms are great
haha I remember that advertisement! :)

People make cities, but God made nature.

La gente hace ciudades, pero Dios hizo la naturaleza.

enter image description here Arriba: Bitterroot Valley Montana . . .

Abajo: Detroit, Michigan - [ambos EEUU]

enter image description here

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posted by Esteban_317
A nice example of contrast :-)!
Thanks J. - and there' s already a smiley in the pic.!
Major contrast. :)

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Cuando quiero volver a la naturaleza, voy a pescar.

When I want to get back to nature, I go fishing.

updated Jul 16, 2014
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posted by Jraider
Let me know when you go to this place. I want to go. :)

La naturaleza proporciona mucha belleza y muchas oportunidades para divertirnos, pero hay aspectos de la naturaleza que no nos gustan.

Nature provides much beauty and many opportunities for enjoying ourselves, but there are aspects of nature that we don’t like.

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And mosquitoes are one of those things. I always seem to be the one to get bitten.
I am always the one too. Just too attractive. At least to mosquitoes. :)
Whle your at it ,get those horseflies:-((!!!
@RAC1 : Annie, eso es así porque eres tan dulce que les encanta chupar tu sangre a los mosquitos .. hahaha
I am also a victim of these wretched mini vampires ... but right now it is so hot in my country that all the mosquitos are dead .. now they will start coming back in august I think
No sé nada de eso. jejeje
no te preocupe .. yo sé todo .. y sé que eres demasiada dulce .. tan dulce como un chocolate o caramelo y por lo mismo te atacan los mosquitos .. jeje
preocupes ** (typo)
ok ... ya es madrugada y he de dormirme ahora ... nos hablarémos luego ... hasta luego .. buenas noches ♥

La naturaleza está llena de sorpresas.

Nature is full of surprises.

enter image description here

updated Jul 16, 2014
posted by Castor77
Great photo capturing the image . . . and a very good caption.
Wow! That is a great photo, amiga. :)

Vivo en plena naturaleza.

I live right out in the country.

 photo cookham.jpg

updated Jul 16, 2014
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posted by ian-hill
Do you really, Ian? It's beautiful.
It's pretty there - looks peaceful.
this earth aint fit for me now .. I just wamt to go to pandora
want** tierra ya no es bien para mi .. quiero ir a la pandora
It is a place aclled Cookham - not far from here.
Lucky you!!

Paul Cezanne era conicido por sus naturalezas muertas.

Paul Cezanne was known for his still life paintings.

enter image description here

updated Jul 16, 2014
posted by AnnRon
I love these. :)

Naturaleza de Norte Oeste es muy verde y bonita por lo que lluvia mucho traves el año.

Nature of North West is very green and beautiful because of lot's of rain thru the year.

updated Jul 16, 2014
posted by bubamaria
La Naturaleza de noroeste es riquísima (muy verde) y muy bonita porque llueve mucho a lo largo del año
"Nature in the North West"..... "lots of rain through".... :)
La naturaleza de noroeste es muy verde y muy bonita porque llueve mucho a lo largo de año. Gracias.
Nature in the North West is very green and beautiful because of lots of rain through the year. Thank you.
de nada ,, amiga

Cuando estoy en la naturaleza, mi espíritu se siente much más tranquilo.

When I'm in nature, my spirit feels much more tranquil.

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posted by 201286
It's lovely!
Gracias amiga :)

Esta es en mi naturaleza creer el beneficio de la duda.

It is in my nature to believe the benefit of the doubt.

enter image description here

updated Jul 17, 2014
posted by Findy
Mine too - love the old monopoly card, and the memories it brings.
I don't remember this one.
This is just a parody of a Monopoly card - this actual card doesn't exist. ;)

La naturaleza es muy preciosa y importante, pero la raza humana no está tratándola bien.

Nature is very precious and important, but the human race is not treating it well.

updated Jul 16, 2014
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posted by jennysk
Your right. It won't last forever at the rate we're going.
forever,, it won't even last anogher few decades ,, let alone forever .. when the time will come we won't even come to know ,, God's wrath and nature's fury wil unleash upon us in just a few seconds and then .. finito la músic :(
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