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Findy 10k club member

We are a disparate group of people with one driving ambition ," to learn Spanish"

Findy has shown since day 1 that she is going to achieve her goal in record time.

With each post that she attempts her work improves , she tries out new avenues

to test her knowledge and exercise her talented mind , but always she is kind,

helpful and quick to bring others along on her exciting ride to the top , this desert

dweller has impressed me greatly , i wish her well in her endeavours to tame the

desert land and grow the vegetables and flowers she so admires . Bien hecho

to our new and well deserved " Legend".

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Ray this is perfect, she is going to love it.
Thanks Pam , i am always worried that I miss the mark .
Lovely post, Ray.
Gracias Margerite . That is very kind of you.
Marksmen never do my dear. As always, you've done a superb job.
Aw, thanks, Ray! *hugs* These pictures depict exactly how my garden looks (before I wake up). Between the intense heat, birds & fire ants it's been a losing battle. But, like the subjunctive, I'm determined to conquer this too! :)
Very nice post,Ray!
Thanks Ray for doing this!
Thanks everyone, I feel that it is a collective thing , each one of us contributes to the whole feeling of love and respect.
Fantastic job Mate , you are the Master of congratulation threads !:).

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Many thanks to everyone here who has congratulated, encouraged and spurred me on to be better at learning Spanish than I ever thought I would be! When I first joined this group of hard-workers, my only concern was to try to learn the language well enough to communicate with my neighbors and workers in the Mexican stores I visit.

The multitude of grammar rules became a splash in the face - at first! But then all of these wonderful people came out of the walls to help and offer sage advice (all of which I am taking to heart, you can be sure). I appreciate your knowledge, patience, and yes - friendship - more than you can imagine.

You guys rock!!

enter image description here

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posted by Findy
Muchas gracias Findy you go girl!
And go she did Pam , and very well indeed.

enter image description here

I also live in the desert Findy, and I also love gardening.

Congrats on your 10K!!!!

updated Aug 24, 2013
posted by Jraider
Thank you, J! Wow! Going from cold & wet gardening (Scotland) to hot & dry has been quite the challenge, but I'll get there in the end, like my Spanish learning.
We have a similar experience, moving from outside Stirling (Gargunnoch), near Loch Lomand up in the hills to now gardening in Menorca... What a difference!
You do a good job Jraider!
Good on you J R, we have these problems from time to time, have just come out of 11 year drought now it is a wet.
4 years for us ray,but still not out of the hole!!!!

Findy, well done on reaching 10K to a dedicated and fun member. On to 25K!

enter image description here

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posted by katydew
Great to see you back working Katya , I hope all is now ell .
Very nice Katy
Is that an H or a W, Ray? :)
Ha! You've illustrated perfectly here that I have indeed reached the BIG 10!
Great. Crazy!!! How do people find these kind of posts?

Aceptes por favor mis felicitaciones más sínceras amiga. Buen trabajo!

enter image description here

updated Aug 22, 2013
posted by 0095ca4c
And let the games begin , thanks Margherite, and your dog .
I am ready to celebrate as usual Jaja good one amiga
Yay! I really do feel like I've accomplished something here! Thank you!
Gracias mi amiga!my computer is givingme fits!!!!

¡Felicidades, amiga! Welcome to the 10k club - I'm only surprised it didn't happen sooner!

enter image description here

enter image description here

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posted by Scribe-Lady
Wow what a delicious array , I am jealous, good one mate.
Oooh, that's so pretty! I love the bright, happy colors. Thank you, Scribe-Lady! :)
Nice, good choice la amo
Lol. Anyone wanna eat those??

Findy. Findy. Findy. You have proven yourself worthy. I have seen how quickly you are making progress and I'm very happy for you. I like your participation in the threads and even doing some of your own. Keep going .You have the ability to teach us all a thing or two. Buena suerte ..

congratulations photo: Congratulations Congratulations.jpg

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Lovely rose and ivy helio, lovlier comments. :-)
Beautifully said mate , and felt.
Aw, that's sooo sweet, Helio. I'm really touched. Thank you!
Very sweet of you Helio

Enhorabuena amiga! Persiste el buen trabajo. Bien hecho! I am encouraged and amused and impressed by your comments. Keep up the great job.

updated Aug 21, 2013
posted by pmikan-pam
Thanks Pam , you are first cab off the rank.
It is a first for me Jaja gracias mate
It's hard work, but it's fun work! Thanks so much for your encouragement. :)
Un placer Findy
Nice amiga.
Muchas gracias Margherite
Hola mi amiga !
Dear Shadi, how are you?

Congrats! That's a lot of points. Great job!

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posted by biengracias
Thanks, Bien! :)
Welcome bien


updated Aug 25, 2013
posted by lagartijaverde
*clink* Thanks, LV! I've got a long way to go yet, but the ride has been fun. :)
Clink indeed and have another for me.

Congrats on reaching this mile stone!

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posted by gohern
Many thanks, gohern! It's people's encouragement here that keeps me going straight on the road to conversational Spanish, and beyond. :)
I think you are missing an "n" :-)
storen ? :)
Hola amigo.
Hola todos,

¡Enhorabuena amiga! I can tell you are one of us and I'm glad you are.

enter image description here

updated Aug 25, 2013
posted by Ranman
Thanks, Ranman, for your encouragement with my goofball pseudo-Spanish sentences!
Love the graphic Ranman.
Well said mate.

Congrats Findy,

You´re coming along very quickly, and are a very welcome addition here.

Muy bien hecho.

Keep it up.

enter image description here

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posted by rogspax
Thanks, Roger! I can hardly believe it myself. When I first joined I was so intimidated by everything, but everybody was so friendly and encouraging here it was easy to stick with it.
You have said it right mate , she is a great find-findy.
Hola Roger, good to see you!

How do you find time for study in Vegas? - the area of low-lying fertile land.

Bien hecho Aleta.

jackpot photo: jackpot Jackpot.jpg

You hit the jackpot.

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I can see Downtown and The Strip (at least the tops of the buildings) from our back yard, but that's about as close as I get for the most part. Thanks, Ian! :D
De nada amiga x
Great mate !

Congratulations on your fantastic win

to the elite status of the Big Ten!

You can celebrate for many nights

in the 24-hour city of lights.

Will you watch Terry Fator at the Mirage

or stay at home to watch Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj?!

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I love that show: )
It is very funny!
(You've made my day!) The Mirage has nothing, you can bet ** Over Amy, Penny and Bernadette!
What nice poetry!!!
Thank you, J.
Good one again J W.
Wow. What a place. Lights and everything.

enter image description here

May we all be inspired by your example, Findy.

updated Aug 25, 2013
posted by AnnRon
Thanks, Ann! Just don't follow my bad examples. lol
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