Pronunciation of "O U G H"

Pronunciation of "O U G H"


I think this is an interesting fact for all the English speakers out there, but also for those Spanish who are learning english. It also goes to show the complexity of our language. The letters "ough" in English can be pronounced in eight different ways. here is a short phrase that contains them all.

A tOUGH, dOUGH- faced plOUGHman, thOUGHtfully strode thrOUGH the streets of scarborOUGH, cOUGHing and hiccOUGHing (pronounced hiccupping).

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I love it!
My neighbor, with whom I started Spanish classes, sometimes walks with me & since I take flashcards with me, he has to assist. He is always asking, why do they do that, that doesn't make since, grrrr! I just say, it's the language, accept it.
And I can't think at the time, of weird English words or phrases. That one is going on a flashcard.

I have seen one about all the meanings of up, which was really funny, I'll see if I can find it.

Incidentally, my neighbor quit after the 1st session of classes & 2 years later, I'm still hanging in there.

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