"mapuche" ... sounds strange ... is that a bad word or

"mapuche" ... sounds strange ... is that a bad word or


an indian or native indigenous person from Chile

chileno would know

¿Cuáles son los indios, de otros países de América del Sur llamado? Las tribus indígenas que Brasil, Arg, y Col por ejemplo.

(What are indians from other countries in South America called? Indigenous tribes there in Brasil, Arg, y Col for example.

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When I first saw this I thought racoon "mapache" - 00551866, MAY 6, 2013
No, is not a bad word, is like saying Sioux. - chileno, MAY 7, 2013
Sioux sounds like to Sue (Demandar, that is not good) - readytodictate, MAY 7, 2013
and the Nahua people of Central Mexico - readytodictate, MAY 8, 2013
I earned the popular "strange" question badge - readytodictate, MAY 8, 2013

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mapu = 'tierra' y che = 'gente' - es decir, 'gente de la tierra'

The Mapuche are indigenous to Chile. There are many, many groups of indigenous all over Mexico, Central and South America.

enter image description here

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This is a case where Spanish has adopted the indigenous word. - katydew, MAY 7, 2013
What do you mean by that? Spanish adopting an indigenous word? - chileno, MAY 7, 2013
nice explanation and photo ... "che" also means hey (Arg) - readytodictate, MAY 7, 2013
There are words that were incorporated into the Spanish language when they came upon things that had no Spanish word for it. That is what I meant. - katydew, MAY 7, 2013
¡Calmate! Vale Katy ... "che" is "that" in italiano y No te olvides ... "Che" Guevara - readytodictate, MAY 7, 2013
Ah ya... - chileno, MAY 7, 2013

Did more research on this ...

country, % of the population that are indigenous, referred to as ...

Bolivia - 55% Quechua and Aymara

Brazil - 1% Panara

Chile - 5% Mapuche

Ecuador - 25% Quichuas

Peru - 45% Matsés

Aquired from many sources and may not be totally accurate.

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Some of the many in Mexico: Zapotec, Mixtec - Within each of these, their 1st language is not Spanish but their own dialect of indigenous language. They may live across the road from each other but don't speak each others languages. - katydew, MAY 7, 2013
You left out Argentina? - chileno, MAY 7, 2013
Sí hay mapuches en Arg tambien chileno - readytodictate, MAY 7, 2013

Mi esposa es de la tribu Cabécar de Costa Rica. Las otras http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigenous_peoples_of_Costa_Rica

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I know not South America, but I could'nt help myself. - 00551866, MAY 6, 2013

It is not a bad word. I have not heard people say that.

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supe eso ahora pero many bad words start with "M" ... no sé por que - readytodictate, MAY 7, 2013
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