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Mucho Gusto literal translation


I understand that "gustar" means "to be pleasing" and that "Me gusta comer" literally would translate to "Eating is pleasing to me." How would the phrase "Mucho gusto" translate? How/when would you use other conjugations of the verb gustar. Thanks in advance everyone.

updated NOV 20, 2012
posted by RichSean1725
Litterally mucho=much, gusto=pleasure. See Franco's great answer below. - PumpkinCalabaza, OCT 21, 2012
*Literally - PumpkinCalabaza, OCT 21, 2012

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"Gusto" isn't just a form of the verb "gustar". It is also a noun meaning "pleasure" or "taste". With this in mind, the phrase "mucho gusto" in isolation means literally "much pleasure".

updated FEB 19, 2013
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That makes sense, Thank you Noetol! - RichSean1725, OCT 22, 2012
De nada, Rich! - Noetol, OCT 22, 2012

Mucho gusto == much pleasure making your acquaintance.

Learn all about the verb gustar here.

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Thanks francobollo! - RichSean1725, OCT 22, 2012
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